Changes in Learning 2011

Interview with Fred Garnett

This blog builds on work done by the Learner-Generated Contexts Research Group and will be used to present videos relating to their work and work done by people in my Google+ group, Learning21. This video was made by @ChrissiNerantzi at @SalfordUni on Wednesday August 23rd 2011 as the first in the Food for Thought series of videos produced by@pgcap. These can be used as learning objects, prompts to discussion, or as artefacts in themselves; as vidcasts! Here’s the video, resources and discussion below; 

Resources; The 3 questions discussed in the video were asked by Chrissi Nerantzi to get at issues relating to what I call ‘heutagogic learning’ discussed on the blog the Heutagogic Archives. Her questions are based on an earlier presentation I gave at Salford which is captured in the blog post Heutagogy and the Craft of Teaching, which is perhaps better captured in a slideshare presentation I developed with Nigel Ecclesfield called Craft of Teaching 2011. I refer to the the Open Context Model of Learning, the core of which is the PAH Continuum, which has been used by Thomas Cochrane and discussed in his mlearning prezi. Continue reading

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Hello world!


This blog will be used to experiment about learning with video. It is run by @fredgarnett

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